Saturday, January 24, 2009

the rare day of awesome

so i had a pretty good day today which is rare considering my saturdays are usually filled my labor intensive job. I had the day off and did some really cool things today. Since I climb at the gym fairly regularly I went to REI and got a new padded harness and some new climbing shoes. I can't even tell you how much more comfortable the new harness is as opposed to the very basic ones the gym gives out. And usually when I go climbing I have to share the 4 or 5 auto belays with at least 18 little kids and they're loud and know nothing about common courtasy. Well I finally got a family member to take a class and test out for being able to belay, I took this class a while ago but never had anyone to bely with. The options are so much more amazing, now i've got 16 different options that involve no waiting in lines with 8 year olds who take 5 minutes each to get up the wall. Then this afternoon I went iceskating with my youth group. I use to live at the rink when I was a kid (I'll probably explain more about that another day) so it was nice going back there and remebering all the chilhood memories. I thought I would be worse, but I still retained some of what I use to know. Unfortunately I can't do the awesome hockey stop that sprays ice all over the place anymore but I was still able to blast by the others and give them a really hard time. So it was a pretty good day overall

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