Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

fun story

found this on a web site, enjoy:

On the first day, God created the dog and said:

‘Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in
or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.’

The dog said: ‘That’s a long time to be barking. How about only ten
years and I’ll give you back the other ten?’

So God agreed.

On the second day, God created the monkey and said:

‘Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I’ll give
you a twenty-year life span.’

The monkey said: ‘Monkey tricks for twenty years?
That’s a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like
the Dog did?’

And God agreed.

On the third day, God created the cow and said:

‘You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer
under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer’s
family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.’

The cow said: ‘That’s kind of a tough life you want me to live for
sixty years. How about twenty and I’ll give back the other forty?’

And God agreed again.

On the fourth day, God created man and said:

‘Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I’ll give you
twenty years.’

But man said: ‘Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my
twenty,the forty the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and
the ten the dog gave back; that makes eighty, okay?’

‘Okay,’ said God, ‘You asked for it.’

So that is why for our first twenty years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy
ourselves. For the next forty years we slave in the sun to support our
family. For the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the
grandchildren. And for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and
bark at everyone.

Life has now been explained to you.

oh how I wish my parents would adopt this philosophy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

piano antics

i wish i was this awesome

surprised kitty

if you do not think this is adorable than you are not human

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

stumble upon

I don't know if you've ever been to stumbleupon.com, but if you haven't you should because it is the center for endless entertainment. Here's one page of fun signs that the website found.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

college responsibility?

"Get home, I want to get to bed" was a phrase I heard hundreds of times in my high school career. I'd often be at youth group and every week at 9:30 sharp one of my parents would call and proclaim that I needed to make it home because they couldn't go to sleep unless I was home. We had many arguments about why they simply couldn't just go to bed with the reassurance that I was in the heart of west-county, the safest place in the world, and that nothing was going to happen to me. They never took to heart the old phrase of "no news is good news." They were constantly worried that their little 16-18 year old baby was in some sort of trouble because the sun was down.

Well lately I have been adopting a similar principle. Although I can still go to sleep without any problem (I am a college student after all). My room mate goes out to parties on weekends with some of her friends which is perfectly fine by me.

The vast majority of the time they're back by 3 with the munchies, fun stories of the night ,and less than stellar balance. The only problem is when I wake up at 5 and I look at her bed and she's not there. This is the fear that my parents always had. Now granted I actually somewhat have a reason to be worried because they're hammered as opposed to me who was at youth group watching so you think you can dance.

If I was like everyone else in the world I would just go back to sleep without another thought of it. But, no I have inherited my parents' worried attitude. Here's the thing, I know that it's 95% chance that they're just fine and sleeping at the house that the party was at. But they've told me too many stories of waking up in some random place (thank goodness it's always been a friends dorm) and not knowing how they got there. My only worry is that, what if it's one of these 5% days there's not a friend there to lead them back to this dorm or their dorm.

So at least now I somewhat know where my parents are coming from. Granted, I have a legit reason to be worried because sometimes they aren't just buzzed but decide to have a bunch of yager bombs or 15 shots (true story). So lately I made it known that I can take them back in my car and they can call me at any time of the night: because I inherited the worrying gene. And it makes me feel a bit better when I hear them loudly coming down the hallway at 3:30 a.m. knowing that they can't get themselves in any trouble once they're in the dorm.

Well that's my realization of the day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the prayer

a very pretty song

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Magic Tree

I haven't been here yet but I plan on going. It looks beautiful. Here is the website that the guy put up about the tree. Read the few paragraphs that he has below the video. I especially love what he says in the first paragraph "The purpose of the Magic Tree is three fold. First and foremost it is a "senseless act of beauty". This idea, that there can be a senseless act of beauty is actually a misnomer for beauty all by itself has the supreme purpose of conveying the human/divine ideas of hope, goodness, peace and even love. Beauty has a way, when we recognize it, of putting us at ease while at the same time exciting us, paradoxical yes, but true. I think this particular paradox is better known as the state of joy. This is a healing state of mind that can have a powerful affect on heart, mind and soul not to mention the body. Acts of beauty, then, are always quite sensible." I like the fact that this guy thinks deeper than just "ooh bright lights on a tree."

Picture courtesy of my friend Matt

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

some people in this world

This is one of the funniest thing's I've ever seen. It proves that there really are crazy cat ladies out there


I like this most recent video from postsecret