Sunday, January 18, 2009

all hail the steelers

so my Steelers are goin to the superbowl. Though there were plenty of mistakes in the game they played well. I was absolutely devastated when I saw Ward get hurt but the rest of the team stepped up. I've watched enough steelers football to know who makes what kind of plays. It was the 4th quarter and the Ravens had the ball and I said something along the lines of "Come on Polamalu it's time for you to intercept the ball" because I know how he plays and how much of an amazing athelete he is. I kid you not two plays later he intercepts it and goes in for a touch down increasing the steelers lead. I've always loved Polamalu because not only is he an amazing football player but because he doesn't smack talk or overcelebrate on the field, and he's a great man with good morals off the field. I like the Steelers Cardinals matchup. While I will obviously be rooting for the steel curtin I'll be happy if Curt Warner wins. All of us here in the STL still love him because he's a great guy and we miss him and we want to see him succeed. so GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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