Friday, January 2, 2009

I haven't seen the sky blue since last year

It was a really pretty cloudless 45 degree day (which is warm for early january) in stl today. It's kind of annoying because as adults it seems like it gets harder to be able to get outside on nice days like this. Because we can't be 10 again and play in the fort in the back yard. But it's ok because my way of getting out is being able to ride my horse. This whole week the outdoor arena has been too frozen to ride in and would be really hard on the horses feet. So we've been forced into the tiny, dark indoor arena which nobody likes. Today was the first day we've been able to go outside and it was so nice. I had the whole ring to myself, which for a rider is the best thing because there's nobody else in the way. Both my horse and I enjoyed being outside in the amazing weather. Usually you're constantly worried about form and other things, but it was a nice day so I figured we could go one ride without being perfect. You're suppose to canter relatively slowish, but my horse wanted to go fast and I wanted to go fast so I let him go faster than usual. It was a nice ride and a fun way to be able to enjoy the weather.

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