Monday, January 5, 2009

Bonaire:Divers Paradise

I figured I'd explain about Bonaire. It's a part of the Netherlands Antilles, I can't remember what country actually owns it (no it's not the netherlands.) I made a video about it for a video production class last semester but my professor never burned it onto a cd so i'll just have to explain it. The island gets a 24/7 breeze/wind which makes it an amazing place for kite and wind surfing. Much like every state in america has a 'saying' of sorts that goes on the license plated Bonaire is known as: Diver's Paradise. That's the reason why nearly nobody knows about it, the only thing to do there is dive. Though it's an island it's far from the classic palm tree laiden sandy Bahamas, it's a big desert and the beaches are all rocks. The locals are from all over the place, mostly europe. The naive language is really weird, it's a mix of almost every other language (I guess they weren't creative enough to think of their own language). The diving is amazing it's known as wall diving. Unlike traditional reefs around the world that lay on a flat ground, Bonaire's reefs are located on drop offs about 50 feet from shore. It's weird because you look one way and there's a reef right next to you and you look the other way and it's nothing but open darkness. Shore diving is the preferred method of diving, it's where you grab your gear and a few tanks, throw them in the back of your truck and drive to designated dive sites. It's also known for it's amazing array of great restaurants all the way from classic caribbean to french. If no plans for my future work out (highly unlikely) I would love to live there some day. Throughout time I'll probably explain more details but for now that's the basics.

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  1. I have to bite... I apologize in advance if this comes across as rude.

    > (no it's not the netherlands.)
    Yes it is.

    > the only thing to do there is dive
    I spent weeks there, didn't dive once.

    > it's a big desert
    Ever gone there during the rain period?

    > The naive language

    > weren't creative enough to think of their own language
    I guess the comment could be considered funny, but languages usually stem from influences.

    > that's the basics
    Sure. Looking forward to reading again.