Tuesday, January 20, 2009


so here's the story of my week....MY WHOLE HARD DRIVE GOT WIPED OUT. Yup I had to take the computer into the store and now I have no memory whatsoever. The second worst part of it is that I was planning on saving everything on an external source this week. The worst part is this- sure I had papers I had written and pics but I've got hard copies of the papers (plus I really don't care about any of them) and I've still got memory cards and facebook with all my pics. But there were two documents that literally can't be replaced. Both were self reflection/ trip down memory lane kinda stuff. I wrote them about 6 months ago when my opinions on personal things were slightly different, but enough to see a definitive then and now comparison. I spent probably 5 days typing this really long document about random stuff that I won't get into. The other document was an ongoing one with questions that my youth group leader asks and I origionally typed out my opinion on thoes questions and about every month or two I would go back and see if my views on that have changed and if they had I would add on and date it. Well those two are gone and I'll never be able to answer and evaluate stuff the same way I use to. so here's my lesson to all (probably just one) of you SAVE EVERYTHING ON AN EXTERNAL SOURCE NOW!!!!!

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