Saturday, December 13, 2008

I get to cut down my own christmas tree

usually we just put up a fake christmas tree and call it a day but this year we decided to go for a real one also. Since I already put up the tree about a week ago we kept that one but decided to get a real one too. We drove an hour out and back to get this cool miniature-ish tree today. It was kinda fun because I've never gone to cut down my own tree but we did it. It's pretty cool looking even though the point is not in the center of the tree (I say that it gives the tree personality). Plus the thing was only $22, so basically a steal consitering the prices of lots and fakes. But the other cool thing is that it's decorated completly differently from our fake tree. The fake tree has multi colored lights with random newish ornaments like garfield the cat (from when me and my brothers were little), some other plastic ones, and a lot of candy canes. The real one has strings of white and red lights and is decorated with little silver bells and bows on the top to make it look less...special cause of its off centered point. So there ya go-that's all I got to say for today--have a good rest of the day

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