Thursday, December 4, 2008

my lack of climbing skills

So recently I've been starting to rock climb at my gym, it seems to be the only form of exercise that I actually enjoy. I took a class on belaying, so now I know how to belay the only problem is that I have nobody to belay with so I generally stick with the self belays. I realized that I'm very bad at rock climbing given that in no way am I 6' 3'' with lanky arms and legs, plus I lack any upper body strength. Aside from my forearms hurting after about 4 walls it's a lot of fun. I'm proud b/c the other day I conquered my first wall that had a small overhang, it wasn't easy but it made me happy. The only complaint that I have with the self belays is the little kids. One of the employees was telling me that if a kid is 90 lbs or under (and believe me there's way too many of them) they can literally just palm their way up the walls. Apparently they had to tie a rope to the back of a 35 lb girls harness before she could climb a wall because once she would get up the self belay wouldn't let her down. So maybe if I practice a lot, in a few years I might try bouldering, though it's unlikely.

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