Sunday, December 21, 2008

the circle of role models

In my worldviews class the other day we had to do group project, my group did the topic of friendship (I don't know how it applies to worldviews). During our presentation we somehow came to the topic that most, if not all, of us have someone who we look to for advice and otherwise. Most of the people in my class had an older sibling that they look up to as a mentor of sorts. I personally have a youth group leader who helps out a lot with my issues. But I seemed to be the only one in the class who has a direct influence on little kids. I basically work with mostly 7-13 year olds, their minds are sponges and they basically follow me around all day. Though they don't ask me for the answers to life I know that they pick up on anything I say. It's kinda weird to remember when I was little and anyone of any significant age difference was so cool, and I recently wondered if that's what my 10 year old shadow thinks. Either way it's kinda fun to see the circle of: little kid soaks up everything I say- I look for advice from my youth leader- she probably looks for advice from someone- and so on.

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