Monday, December 15, 2008

the boredom of boredom

Why is it that we get bored? We all get bored quite frequently it's just a matter of life. If you stop and think about it we were literally built to do stuff, we've got strong arms, legs, and thumbs to keep our self busy physically and the most advanced brain of any living thing on the planet to do stuff with mentally. Many people pick up a hobby naturally if there's little do whether that be piecing together puzzles or building a shed in the back yard. That's why for the longest time before TV became such a big part of culture people loved to read or play outside, because it is stimulation and work. We get bored and restless b/c we were hardwired to do stuff. Aside from when I'm with my friends, I'm happiest when I'm working outside either digging up a new flower bed or working with the little kids and ponies at the barn. Unfortunately work is often seen as being annoying, this is because much of the time we are forced to do work that we don't love doing. I personally love working with animals, others may love working at a bank it's all the way we were individually made. It's my theory that if we were able to do the work we loved (though this is unrealistic in many situations) we would love work again.

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