Tuesday, February 17, 2009

willful ignorance

One of the main ideas of Krew lately has been relying on others and realizing that we're part of a community. A community (specifically the church in this case) should help each other out. Here's my take. I'm all for helping each other and I firmly believe that we should. If a family is going through a hard time relationally or economically than it is our obligation to help them. But my problem is when it comes to little personal issues. My interpretation of the talks has been that we should always be accountable for each other and their emotional wellness much of the time. Keep in mind this is just one small part of the talks I'm just focusing on this part for the sake of argument. In reality I know that it's right, but my own selfish, independent self really doesn't believe it. I'm a really independent person and have always been that way. So the idea of telling people about what's bothering me goes against all natural inclination. I've always believed in the pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. Granted there's a lot of exceptions, but at least for small issues there's nothing wrong with solving them yourself. It's a simple matter--nobody cares or needs to know what my every problem is and I don't want to tell them. They don't need to know, it's not their problem. Now if somebody else wants to tell their problems than I'm more than happy to listen, because I love being able to be there for somebody. So that's my take on the issue. Yes I admit that I'm extraordinarily ignorant and hard headed.

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