Sunday, February 22, 2009

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved" George McDonald

Trust is probably one of the most delicate things in our social lives. It’s something that when broken is extremely hard to get back. The other sad reality is that it is impossible for others to trust. I believe that the amount of trust a person readily gives out in an emotional context is directly related to how they were treated in the past. It’s one thing to trust someone with a task, but it’s much different to trust someone with personal information. For some, to trust another person is a completely foreign concept. For others trust comes fairly naturally. I know from working with 10 year olds that kids are extremely affected by the way people treat them. A family can either really mess up or really help a kids’ ability to trust people in the future. Once a family shatters the kids’ ability to trust than it’s nearly impossible for that child to trust again in the future. They learned at a young age that people could not hold their end of a deal, and as a result rely on themselves for much self problem solving. Their main root of distrust comes from the reality of habitual disappointment/letdown and getting emotionally hurt. They learn really quickly to keep things to themselves. Even though those kids grow up and have the potential to semi trust certain people they will never truly have full faith in a person. To gain the trust of someone, who is foreign to the concept, is a very delicate task. It takes a lot to convince a person that you are a safe person to be around emotionally. I agree with McDonald’s quote that trust is a great compliment.

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