Friday, February 6, 2009


so the one thing my school does well is spirit week. Our spirit week blows every other schools spirit week out of the water. January is devoted to learning boys poms (dance for the guys), lip sync (dance for the girls), and preparing to decorate the halls on wednesday night designated around a certain theme. We devote the 2-3 pm. hour to doing schoolwide games in the gym. There's too much to really explain but we also dress up differently every day (ie. comic book character day, duct tape day, class color) fridays is always blue and white day, the class colors. So now you have the basic idea but you'll never really know how huge of a deal this week is.
So ever since 7th grade my class has basically sucked at spirit week. The first few years it was just b/c we were little and didn't have any experience. Either way the class below us ended up getting really good as the years went on. They beat us every single year including my junior year (last year). We were rediculusly worried that we would be the only senior class to ever lose spirit week in the 20 year history of the week. So they started getting really and I mean really cocky and arrogant about spirit week. As a side not even the class that was above mine who got along with everybody hated them. Ever since last year they've been saying stuff like "you guys ready to lose" and things of that nature. Well my class got really nervous and annoyed by them. So as of January, which is when we're allowed to start preparing for the week (hallways, boys poms, lip sync) we've been working our butts off all while the juniors are taunting us and being all around disrespectful. They have no respect for the fact that we're older than them-the best way to describe them is that they love themselves--simply put. So we worked and worked and won nearly every game and beat them in every dress up. By the time we got our hallway up on wednesday night (we put it up all afternoon from 3-10 pm) we knew that ours was better than theirs. But on thursday and friday was poms and lipsync the two other huge point accumulators. Both our girls and guys did great, but we were shocked when they won both of the huge events even though every single human being that I talked to said that we should have won lip sync. The juniors were such horrible winners that it got to the point that we started literally hating them.
It's safe to say we were all really nervous come friday night. We got the annual varsity b-ball game and the top 2 poms and lip syncs perform afterwards then they announce the overall winners. I'm not one to ever get nervous but we were all gripping each others hands so hard. They announced the 6th through 3rd place and we waited....than we heard it IN FIRST PLACE..........THE 12TH GRADE!! I've never seen our class come together like we did this spirit week. It's been the best day of my life, my head hurts and I can't talk from all the yelling but I'm the happiest person in the world right now.
The lip sync song that my class performed to was 'zero to hero' from Hercules. It basically explained our class. We're the true underdogs and ended up on top. It's our senior year and we won!!!! CLASS OF 2009!!!!

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