Wednesday, February 11, 2009

stuff that kinda makes ya think

so in an attempt to re-answer and re write stuff from before my computer crashed I found some cool things (extremely grateful for facebook messages that aren't on my hard drive). A document that I'm trying to re create is one that contained a whole bunch of questions asked by my youth group leader that I answer. But I found a question that kinda pertains to everybody and if you've got a few spare minutes it's interesting to answer.

What do you want out of life?--it's kinda an optical illusion question. It seems easy but if you think into it than it becomes not so easy.

The second thing isn't a question it's just an interesting statement. The same leader said this last sunday night. " you do stuff (ie. have apathy towards something, behave a certain way in certain situations) because you get something out of it" dunno why but I found that statement very interesting. Maybe the context made it make more sense but I still think it's a cool observation.

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  1. thanks for making me sound so cool.

    glad you're thinking about this stuff! its so neat to see you doing it!