Saturday, February 21, 2009

spring break

for spring break I get to go to Grand Cayman and scuba dive with my family. I've always loved scuba diving. It's literally my favorite thing to do, that's why I hope to live on the coast sometime in the future. Right now I'm getting my Nitrox certification. It's kinda complicated but the general idea is that instead of having the normal 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen you have either 23% or 26%. It has mostly benefits but some precautions that's why I you have to get certified to do it. Aside from the actual diving I love the atmosphere that surrounds a dive community. I've never met an unfriendly diver, though some of them are what we call "dive dorks" and they get really full of themselves. We dive in beautiful places that normal tourists don't go, and it's always in a relaxing place. In my opinion there's few better places to be than sitting in an outdoor restaurant/hotel porch next to a dock and hear the sound of tanks banging together, people jumping into the water, air coming out of BCDs, and people talking about their days adventures. I actually just wrote a paper about diving and my teacher liked it a lot I think I got a 95% which is rare consitering my lack of mechanics. Just thought you'd like to know about my love of diving I'm sure I'll mention it a lot more in the future.

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