Friday, July 17, 2009


I like working out...does that make me weird. I enjoy being at the gym, it's one of my favorite places. Recently I got a personal trainer for the duration of my stay here in St. Louis. She's a cool person and I knew it was going to be hard, but wow it's intense. All I felt yesterday after my first session was wobbly legs and when I woke up this morning everything hurt. It's been an interesting day, especially considering that it takes me about 6 seconds longer than usual to pick something up from the ground. But, even though it hurts I do enjoy doing it. Having a personal trainer makes me realize how much those people have to know about not just anatomy and muscles but how they all work. They need to know what kind of exercise/equipment does what and above all how to do it correctly. When it comes to weights and equipment if you don't do it right it can mess up whatever muscle you're trying to make stronger. As of now I figure that if I decide not to work with animals as a career a job as an athletic trainer or something in that field would be kind of cool.

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