Tuesday, July 21, 2009

big cedar

Because of weather instead of going to Kentucky I went to Big Cedar Lodge yesterday. It's a little known place where my family went to for vacations when I was a kid. It's down by table rock lake about a 4 hour drive from stl. It's a very chill place with cabins and old fashioned looking buildings along the lake. Since I haven't completed the boating course yet (required for everybody under the age of 25) and my mom knows nothing about boats we rented a canoe and paddled around in a calm area. Then we went on a trail ride. I haven't been on a trail ride since before I started riding regularly which was about 6 years ago. So to see places like that and ride those horses with a horsemans eyes is a completely different experience. I rode an awesome slightly neurotic horse named scooter (just as a side note if I ever get another horse, it's name is gonna be scooter because that's an awesome name). It rained the rest of the day but we went inside to the arcade where I beat my mom twice in air hockey. Since we were just there overnight we got the cheapest option of housing. The inside of the cabin was really nice but the outside made me laugh because it had a multi colored tin roof. I lovingly referred to it as the 'pseudo ghetto cabin' even though it was anything but ghetto by actual standards. It made me laugh because we saw a feral cat and I couldn't help but think of 'cat on a hot tin roof'. It was really fun seeing the place now and having all these childhood memories pop back into my head of when we use to go there. Even though the next few pictures don't show what the place is like I find them humerous.
AN EMU FARM-I know they're far away but I swear there were emu right outside sullivan, missouri
Oh no the speed limit isn't 12 or even 13 it's 12.5

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