Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fun with snakes

I had a fairly exciting day today at the barn. I had my first close up interaction with a baby copperhead. Over the years I've seen a lot of adults on trails but they usually slither by so quickly you can hardly get a good look at them. Since it was a baby it didn't go anywhere and I got a good look at it. A few of the kids who lease ponies found it curled up in one of the barns and called us when they trapped it under a bucket. Nothing happened which doesn't make for a very good story but I figured I'd tell anyway. Their coloration is really cool and we got to get a long look at it before and after it was dead. We made the college guy who's working at the barn for the summer chop its' head off. I guess the only funny/ entertaining part of the story is that when we looked back at the entrance to the barn we saw seven small, curious faces peering around the corner.

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