Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fin n feather

a few weekends ago I went on my youth groups annual fall retreat. As I expected it was a lot of fun, especially since my favorite people in the world were going also. The camp that we go to is in the middle of the woods, and the perfect place for scary games. The first night everyone had to find one of the kids who was 'missing' and save him from the 'killer,' one of the leaders made a great video about some murderer who was running around. Either way it was fun b/c everyone was given a glowstick and sent off to go and look for the 'missing' kid. I didn't participate b/c I sprained my ankle a month ago and it's still not 100% and I decided that running around on uneven gravel, sticks, and hills at 11:30 at night wasn't a very good idea. So me and a few leaders hung out by the bonfire while we watched dozens of glow sticks moving from across the lake. I have to say there's nothing like knowing that someone with a chain saw is planted strategically in the woods and hearing about 8 screams when he revs it up.

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