Sunday, November 9, 2008

deep conversations

Why is it that we rarely have deep thought and emotion wrenching conversations? Here's my naive opinion on the subject. We are told to have fun, enjoy life, and forget about all problems. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying life, I personally love live very much, this mentality drowns out any possibility of being real and honest with yourself. If we forget about our problems they're just gonna come back up sooner or later and bite us in the ass. Someone who I respect very much said a few weeks ago that "If you don't deal with your crap, than your crap is gonna deal with you." A few of my friends have tried to dispute this statement, but I find it very true. Secondly, we are all so use to having lighthearted conversations about the newest pop star or where we went this last weekend that 'deep' conversations are very uncomfortable and foreign to us. The shame is that anyone who is willing to ask thought provoking questions are hard to find. I found one earlier this summer, and even though the conversation about my past and why I do what I do was the most uncomfortable and emotion wrenching one I've ever had, I haven't regretted it for a second. I wish there were more people in our lives that we could fully trust, that could ask "What is the most painful thing that has happened to you?" and not mean it in an 'I broke my arm once' kind of way.

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