Monday, November 24, 2008


It's not rare to hear me say 'I'm really ADD right now' even though I'm aware that I don't have ADD. I came to the conclusion several months ago that I am simply a severe procrastinator and if something bores me I find something else to distract me; basically I'm lazy not ADD. A friend and I were talking today about how ridiculously misdiagnosed ADD is, especially in kids. It seems that adults have forgotten that forcing a kid to sit through an hour long church service without any entertainment or making them sit still at a desk for 7 hours is against the very nature of a little kid. Kids are meant to run around and be active, thats why every grade school kid loves recess. People forget that kids simply don't have the mental capacity to sit still, it's not their fault it's the way every human being is hardwired. They can't help it but be restless, but according to doctors today they all have ADD.

I distinctly remember my mom bringing at least 3 coloring books and a bag full of markers and colored pencils to church every week when I was little. I would sit in the back of the church service drawing away having the time of my life, going unnoticed to everyone. My mom realized that I was a kid, not a miniature college kid who's expected to sit quietly during presentations. I would put my money on the fact that if teachers could teach an interactive class, outside or just walking around the class, and kids could have roller chairs the epidemic of 'ADD' would be drastically reduced.

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