Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new plans

Ever since I started personal training in July I've been toying with the idea of doing something health and fitness related in school. As I've stated before, I actually enjoy working out. What makes it fun is knowing dozens of different ways to work different muscle groups other than the traditional treadmill and machines. During PT I use a whole array of equipment. Some of which are: my new best friend the bosu, work out ball, medicine ball, the flashback to the 80's the incline step, and plain old free weights. My trainer laura (possibly the coolest and most awesome person I've ever met) knows so much about muscular anatomy and seems to know just about every different excersize that goes with everything. Being naturally scientifically inclined I respect and like learning about all these different things about what muscle groups are used when. As of now I would at least like to minor in health and fitness. The two of us were talking today and laura was mentioning how it makes for a great part time job especially if you have a family (she's got a husband and two kids). So who knows, maybe I'll be studying hawks and eagles during the week and be a personal trainer on the weekends. It's unlikely, but for right now that's my fantasy combining my two favorite things: animals and fitness.

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