Saturday, August 15, 2009

carano v cyborg results

Today is a sad day indeed. Christine "cyborg" Santos beat Gina Carano in literally the last 1/10 of a second in the first round due to ref stoppage. I'm not one to make accusations about people but look at the picture and tell me there ain't something fishy about cyborg.

This picture doesn't do the size difference justice but I was having a hard time finding a good one. And I've asked every reputable source (ie. my dad the doctor and personal trainers at the gym who are also MMA fans) and they all agree that cyborg is on roids. Cyborg is known for being a really hard hitting fighter *cough* steroids *cough*. Either way Gina is still a beast in my book and once Cyborg gets caught for using roids they'll have a rematch and Carano will kick her butt.
I mean seriously look at ^ that
and tell me that those results come solely from hard work

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