Friday, August 21, 2009

just an observation

When I went to the rec center for the first time the other day I noticed something. I asked if they had bosu's, and they said that they don't have instability equipment for liability purposes. Hmm, I honestly wanted to laugh. They've got hundreds of pounds of weights, machines that if you don't know how to use you can hurt joints/muscles permenantly, and countless other numbers of injuries that can happen on a basketball floor and they're worried the liability of a little half ball filled with air with a plastic base. If you mess up on a machine than it's gonna hurt you, if you lose your balance on a bosu, it's a 3 inch drop. I guess I see why they don't have them, but out of everything they're worried about causing liability issues, they choose the one peice of equipment that I do 80% of my workouts with. And they choose the one peice of equipment that can't hurt you no matter what you're doing. Well that's my rant of the day, sorrry there was no deep thought or entertaining video.

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  1. Hi, have you managed to find a Bosu ball yet? Im interested in buying one myself so please let me know if you have any luck!