Thursday, August 27, 2009

I realize this isn't a very blog like post because there's no analysis of anything but I figured that I'd tell a story anyways. I had my first ultimate frisbee practice today for the team called the MUchachas.....yes I know now stop laughing. It was awesome fun cause we played in the pouring rain and the people on the team are really cool. I realized that as fun as it playing with the guys it's more enjoyable for myself playing with all girls. Cause when I play with the guys I get the frisbee maybe once a game. As opposed to know where I can compete on an athletic level with people I'm playing with. None of us can magically appear out of nowhere to snatch a frisbee from 8 feet in the air *cough* Karlow *cough.* But I'm starting to make my own Columbia family and I have a feeling that it'll be just as hard to leave them as it was to leave my adopted stl family.

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