Monday, March 2, 2009

a year later

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my hip dislocation. Though technically saturday was because it happened on March 1st which was a saturday. For anybody who doesn't know what happened here's the story. A horse was being stupid for a little kid so I decided to hop on him and make him behave better. What length your stirrups are basically determines your balance, too long you can't reach them, too short and you pop right out of the saddle. Well I was going to lengthen the stirrups but the horse was being too stupid and the instructer wanted me to work with him quickly. I got about 3/4 of the way around the ring when the horse dropped his head, and since my stirrups were too short I couldn't get any grip or balance and came off. The weird part of it is that the fall wasn't hard at all I didn't go flying off, it was a normal coming off the side kind of a fall. I'm extremely grateful that for some reason I didn't feel the bone come out of it's socket. So I figured something was wrong when I couldn't get up. Eventually I was able to kinda lean in a blanket as they called the ambulance. The worst part of the day was when the instructor asked what my mom's number was so she could call her, I've never felt so horrible about giving out her cell phone number. So eventually the ambulance comes. I'll be the first to tell you that dislocating a bone is the most pain you will ever feel. As a side note the ambulance people were pretty professional except when the dude asked me "on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you say it hurts" I said a 9 and I've got a really high pain tolerance so that basically means that it hurt really bad. The thing that annoyed me was that when I said that the guy said something along the lines of "if it was a 9 you would be crying". That pissed me off because for those of you that know me know that I'm not exactly the crying type. So extraordinarily painfully we got into the ambulence and went to Mo Bap. Apparently morphine is a very strong painkiller but it did pretty much nothing to dull the pain.
I'll never think of x-ray rooms the same way again. So obviously they had to take x-rays but the problem lied in the fact that taking them involved moving me from the bed to the machine. Two thing happened in that room 1) I've experienced the most pain I've ever felt by them moving me several times and 2) Yelled the loudest I've ever yelled (I believe there were also a few choice words interspersed). My mom was sitting in the next hall and said she could hear me through the thick x-ray room walls and doors. So after about 3 hours after the whole ordeal started the doctor finally came. After the 'surgery' I guess they have to technically call it that, I asked how long it took. Apparently it only took about 30 seconds to actually get it in place again. A lot of people ask me "did they put you to sleep" and I just say "I made sure they did". I won't even go into details about the next 3 months after that, they were filled with a lot of physical therapy and sitting on the sidlines watching other people ride their horses.
If I ever get the chance to scan the x-ray I'll post it cause it's a cool pic. Half of the people that see it think it's awesome the other half think it's disgusting. Pretty much every physical therapist and trama doctor I've talked to since then has said that for one thing they literally never see kids dislocate hips and if they do it's because of some huge car accident where the car has been totaled and flipped several times. So it's kinda weird to think that a simple matter of landing wrong from 5 feet can create that kind of a result. Hope you enjoyed a small sliver of my year in 2008

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