Sunday, March 1, 2009


I went to the PBR last night and it was awesome. here's the website in case you wanna know more about it. But the basic gist is that the PBR stands for professional bull riding and a bunch of cowboys ride really big bulls. I've been a fan of the PBR for a while now and it was cool to see it in person. You don't get the full spectrum of it on tv, it's almost kinda boring, but when you're sitting there it's much more interesting. They've got this guy who's basically the entertainer during the commercials and down time between rides. He's insnely athletic, he jumps all over stuff and danced to everything from elvis' 'hound dog' to Beyonce's 'single ladies' and he was good at it too. The atmosphere is part of the fun, everybody is really nice and genuinely wants to be there to have a good time. But it's kinda funny because the riders themselves are like gods to this tour. Enterprise is the overarching sponser of the PBR so everything has the enterprise logo. First off the non enterprise sponsored cowboys walked through a ring of fire. Than the demi-god enterprise riders. Than the most recent 3 world champs were standing on platforms with fire coming up from the side of them. It was kinda funny how much they were celebrated. The other funny part was that the second the good riders came out of the chutes on their bull you saw hundreds of flashes from cameras exactly like when a good hitter in baseball comes to the plate. So that was my night last night.

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