Friday, March 20, 2009

grand cayman

so this next week i'm heading to grand cayman. My family scuba dives about once a year. While the air temperature is going to be a very nice 80 degrees the water isn't gonna be nearly as nice. The water is gonna be about 74 and that's extremely cold. As a comparison killer whales and live in 55 degree water. In water every degree counts. I figured out by telling people today what the water temp was going to be was that non divers really don't get the ineffectiveness of a wet suit. Don't get me wrong wet suits make a huge difference from going in just a plain swim suit as opposed to diving in a wet suit. I guess people don't know that the water does infact get in the suit and when that 74 degree water gets inbetween you and the suit it's not fun. If you dive about twice a day for a week or so your body temperature goes down about 1/2 to 1 degree because of the water. But, I'm not complaining I love diving even if it's in cold water. Maybe I'll bring back some cool stories and pics of fish.

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