Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm in a 3D design class this semester and fourth quarter we're doing sculpture. I really love maori necklaces the one above is a fish hook. I've written about them before so I'm not gonna go into detail about the meanings of them. For the longest time I looked around the internet for a necklace. There's plenty of them but I really didn't feel like paying $20 + for a little 3 inch thing. One of the sculpture choices is carving something out of soap stone. It's some random greenish stone. Most maori necklaces are usually cow bone with a few jade ones (like the one above). So instead of spending the money I think I'm gonna try and carve a fish hook in the pattern of the one above. It'll take a lot of time but I'll the satasfaction of making it myself and I'll still have $20 in my pocket. Who knows if it's actually gonna work, but it's worth a shot

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