Sunday, May 2, 2010

who'da thunk it

It's amazing where decent advice/conversations come from. I went out with a few people on the floor this weekend (something I don't normally do but I had nothing better to do). We went to a social frat so the guys were actually not complete idiots. Either way I met a guy named Alex and we had quite a conversation the whole night. Our first point of agreement was that we were both in the science fields (fish and wildlife for me and forensics him) and weren't completely use to the whole dancing/party scene. Either way we had a conversation all the way from the sciences to relationships and social interactions.

The thing that surprised me the most was his thoughts on relationships. It came up when we were watching two people essentially dry hump each other and another pair make out in the middle of the room. Both of us were wondering how someone can go up to another person they don't know and just start doing that, and if that was how we are meant to be. Though we both agreed that it wasn't natural, I didn't get an answer from him when I asked/stated that it negatively effects our relationship with our spouse in the future.

But, the thing that truly astonished me was his opinion on choosing a bf/gf. He was telling me that there's more to a person then their looks, that their personality should matter more. While I've been a firm believer of this my whole life it astounded me to hear it coming out of the mouth of a frat boy, and from what I could tell a non-religious person. It was so nice hearing that, because lately about 75% of the people I'm around don't think that way. They dress up inappropriately, go to parties and hook up with random people. Over time it gets tiring and hard to try and convince them there's more to life then looks

It was a very interesting experience to meet someone at a party who's willing to engage into an intellectual conversation and doesn't want to grind on the closest person of the opposite sex they see. It goes to show you that advice comes from strange places. I don't know if I call it God's funny sense of humor for me to find a fellow science person who naturally and willingly thinks deeper then the surface. I still can't get over his opinion on personality and looks, God works in funny ways. Maybe I'm making it a bigger deal than it is, but you just don't expect it at a frat.

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