Wednesday, May 26, 2010

part 2: food and exercise

So I've decided to only put the first two days of this particular seminar up and devote the rest to the seminars by John Craft, who is probably the best speaker/most self aware human I've ever met.

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Premise (straight from the sheet)-American women (for the most part) relate poorly to food and exercise, mostly as a means to an end. Living in the freedom of the gospel changes how we eat and work-out. We can see these everyday practices as opportunities to glorify God

-God made food and cares about our consumption
---Genesis 9:3- after flood people are allowed to eat meat
---Exodus 16:31- Israel given manna
---1 Corinthians 10:31- "whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
-We often let food tell us who we are
---the Corinthians believed that you can receive whatever you're craving "food is for the stomach and the stomach for food"
---food is an enemy that gets in the way of what we want and need--we all want the perfect size and food is getting in the way of that.
--------her thoughts: food already has a lot of power because of biological need for it and making it the enemy gives it more power
---using it as an idol: controlling food comforts us when we feel lonely, rejected, or out of control
---------Eve->looking to food to give the power/knowledge instead of God
---------her thoughts: controlling it (ie. being vegan for no allergy or similar reason) or going to it for comfort is looking to it to be a savior
-The Bible frees us to be ourselves->should be aware of the source and content of food, and how it affects God's world, including our bodies . Also must be aware of our hearts' intention as we eat
---for instance bad farming practices, exploiting workers, etc
---are we eating because we're entitled or realizing God's pleasure in it
-Good TASTES GOOD-God went to great effort to give us tastebuds and make them correspond to many substances in nature.
---food itself isn't the problem
-use it to worship: food is one of many ways that God cares for us. Food and eating can't save or destroy us, only God can
---eat with a grateful heart
---we pray before we eat->it's so important/powerful to recognize where it came from (think about it:we don't pray before other everyday activities)
---what you eat is a way to love others->eat what a host offers you when they've gone to great lengths to make it

EXERCISE our bodies were made to move

-we let exercise tell us who we are
---slaves-exercise is a necessary evil, so I do what's most efficient
------thoughts: it becomes the savior of food
---snobs-people who exercise are vain and care too much about appearance
---saints-physical prowess and self-discipline make self feel better than others
-The Bible frees us to be who we are
---players- we are free to exercise in a way that we enjoy. We don't have to conform to a physical standard
------Thoughts: there's a form of exercise that everyone enjoys even if we haven't discovered what it is yet, and physical activity doesn't guarantee the body you want
---we need to take care of our bodies, and they work better when they exercise
-God gives us abilities, and we are grateful for them
-it's a lot harder to hate your body if you appreciate what it can do->probably one of my favorite points

I realize that writing it down doesn't have nearly the same effect as hearing it. But I promise it was a really good seminar. I'm very excited because I emailed the speaker and they're putting all four days on CD and she's gonna mail me a copy.

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