Friday, October 2, 2009

We're reading 'go tell it on the mountain' in my history class. If you didn't know, the book is about a black pentecostal family sometime in the early to mid 20th century. Being that it focuses a lot about the family's Christian religion I understand the book very easily and find it just as simple to read as any other book. The terminology that is used in the book is second nature for me to understand. But, I figured out that when I went to the lecture part of the history class that I was pretty much the only one who found the reading easy.
The thing is that I'm so use to growing up with a christian family, school, and friends that I forgot that not everyone understands Christianity like I do. Everybody is on the same page about a lot of topics. In class I was the only one who was able to answer questions the teacher asked. I never realized how nice it was to be around people who think the same way you do and have the same morals as you (I can talk for an hour about how my morals are different than other kids on campus and in my dorm). I'm so use to being forced into 5 years of Bible classes and school and going to a Christian school where the religion is always being pressed into you. All the terminology and behaviors associated with Christianity become second nature. This thought just popped into my head-it's interesting how religion is such an important part of life that we have entire schools devoted to people that belong to that particular religion.
My main point is that it's weird to be in a classroom talking about Christianity and nobody knows anything. I answered a question about the difference between the modern liberalist (a sort of messed up kind of "christianity" according to the article) view of Jesus and what the New Testament shows Jesus as being. I answered it fairly easily and in an educated kind of way because those are the questions I've been having to provide answers to since 2nd grade. Some of the kids seemed surprised at my answer I guess because I answered it indepth in a way that noone else would have been able to. It's deffinetly a different atmosphere.

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