Wednesday, October 21, 2009

early bird

this morning I was reminded of why I love being a morning person. Being that it's been cloudy, cold, and rainy the past few weeks the sun has been conspicuously missing. This morning was a particularly good morning. First off because the morning weather at 6 am wasn't 30 degrees but rather 55. So my walk to the rec was infinitely better than usual. Secondly I haven't worked out since the tournament this weekend so felt awesome get back in the gym. Thirdly I was able to go to the gym and walmart (which was so nice because there weren't a million people to dodge around) before 8. Fourthly the sunrise was beautiful. It was starting to come up when I came out of the rec at about 6:30 and was all the way up by the time I got to walmart at 7ish. Early mornings are just a great time of day that not many people get to enjoy willingly a lot. I love being an early bird and would never switch it for being a night owl for the world.

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