Monday, October 19, 2009


It seems that every progressive tournament I go to the more I love frisbee. It's an awesome sport with awesome people. When we're not playing frisbee we play games. My favorite is pokey ,which despite the fact that I'm left handed and always have to play with my right hand I'm pretty darn good. Look down look up (where everyone looks down and when told so look at someones eyes and if they're looking back both are out), the ninja game which is too complicated to describe but it involves awesome ninja sounds. And one of the funniest, monster trucks, where everybody gets on hands and knees in a circle and have to get to the other side in a straight line-everybody ends up crawling over and under each other which makes for great entertainment. I also discovered t-rex style playing which we obviously don't do for games but it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen(the video doesn't do it justice). I'm also finally getting to know the people on the team. Especially one vet who's a sophomore who's basically been my coach and encourager whether I'm playing good or bad. Probably one of my favorite people at the moment.

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