Sunday, September 27, 2009

oh college

I have already learned quite a bit during my short time here at mizzou. One new talent I can add to my repertoire is taking care of completely wasted people. The story of last night is too long to tell but I'll highlight what seems most important. First off I hear my roomie yelling at somebody on the phone at 2 a.m. and make her come into the room so the whole floor doesn't kill her (well that handful of us that actually don't go to frats on the weekends). But my first little red flag that went off was the fact that she wasn't with the other girl. Within the first minute of being in the room she promtly falls down in an attempt to take her shoes off. When she gets up and tries to put her night clothes on correctly I had to help her because lets just say that I don't think that shorts go on the head (I swear on my life it's a true story). Eventually after many weird moments (I had her try and walk in a straight was entertaining) she flops on the bed and after my attempts to convince her to get under her sheets she passes out. I put a fuzzy blanket I have over her. At this point I started worrying about the friend because I don't have her number and have no idea where she could be. Finally at 4:00 she calls alyssa's phone and since alyssa is still out cold I answered it. She somehow managed to find her way back to the dorm but didn't have her swipe card to get into the building. At this point I sprinted down 4 flights of stairs to find her. Her balance was less then stellar and she quickly grabbed onto my arm for support. They couldn't find the key to her room so she came to our room for a bit. More drunk arguing took place and they had the munchies and started throwing reeces puffs at each other. Eventually we were able to find the key and get both in bed to sleep it off.
Up until now I haven't spend any time around drunk people so here's a few things I've learned. Getting a drunk text is really funny especially when you show it to them in the morning. If they aren't an angry drunk it's pretty easy to tell them what to do and they're willing to do it (ie. telling them to get up so you can get the sheets over them). Remember what they did because they most certainly won't. I only thought people on drugs got the munchies. One serious thing I have learned is give them your number so that you can help them if they're in trouble or get lost. If they ever go out for shots again me and my other non drinking friend Sam are going to go with them or at least be in the general vicinity to make sure they don't get seperated and something bad happens. The most important lesson I've learned is seeing what the effects are and seeing the lack of control and rational decision making.

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