Friday, September 4, 2009


I was at the raptor center the other day when a night hawk was brought in. They're probably one of the prettiest and most impressive looking birds we've got here in America. Being that I've only been around raptors for a few weeks I still think every bird at the sanctuary is cool and interesting. Unfortunately we couldn't keep it because it isn't a raptor and therefore the facility doesn't have the permits for it. But nevertheless they're really cool looking. They're smaller than ravens but bigger than birds people are use to seeing in their back yards. I know that wasn't a horribly good description but I don't know how to compare the size of a bird to other stuff very well. They have such intricate patterns on their backs and under their wings.
I guess I bring this up because it's really cool to be so close to wild birds especially birds of prey. We have the chance to see them in a rehab place but never get a good, close look at them. Volunteering at this place is such a cool opportunity because you're able to hold predators on your arm which for me is an awesome experience. For instance I got to hold an eastern screech-owl named lucifer the other day. Although lucifer is about 1/3 lbs. it's still awesome to be able to hold him. I don't know if you and an owl have ever stared at each other but it's something you're not quick to forget. I would have a picture but my phone decided that it was going to stop working at that particular moment. I've always loved raptors for how cool they are and what they represent. Working with them is something I've wanted to do my whole life and now I get to. It's awesome

this is a nighthawk

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