Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mickey meets wolverine

I found out a very sad fact today. As I was waiting for my next class a kid in front of me was reading the newspaper. The article he was reading said that Disney has bought Marvel.......what in the world? I don't know about you but I can't picture wolverine walking around in front of Cinderellas castle or see the Hulk stand next sleeping beauty. It's just one of those things that don't add up. I have come to the conclusion that Disney is slowly taking over the world and we will all be wearing mouse ears by the year 2020.
All joking aside I really don't know how Disney is going to make this work. Disney is a place of whimsical fairy tales filled with flying elephants and four year old girls running around in bright pink princess costumes. Universal Studios is more macho with more intense and high flying rides. Don't get me wrong Disney and Universal are two of my favorite places to go but I like going to them separately, because I expect one thing out of Disney and a completely different thing out of Universal. I'm wondering if Disney is going to lose its happy go lucky family feel. Even if it doesn't it's gonna be weird because I looked for different types of entertainment from each company and we'll see what the mouse does with it. I know that this issue will not affect our daily lives I just thought it would be interesting to write about

there's more of these mashup pics here

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