Monday, April 5, 2010


I found out this weekend how much i miss "deep meaningful conversations." It goes without saying that the majority of college students don't regularly engage in conversations that require deep thought and bringing down emotional barriers. So, since august I have not had any 'dmc's as i call them. It didn't bother me one bit until this weekend when I came back home and was with allie and britt. Because the basic conversation of college students usually involves one of the following: the weather/classes/weekend party stories/majors/hometowns. It gets old really quick and talking about something other than those things was such a relief.

I didn't think I would ever hear myself saying that I enjoyed a dmc. Granted I was not the one talking about my life, which is not necessarily my favorite thing to do. It's hard to get a college student to delve into their past and think about how it effects them today; it just doesn't generally happen. So talking about why campfires/the dark make people spill their guts was a well needed relief.

Though, I don't think it makes me any more willing to spill my guts any time soon. But it makes me realize how nice it is to know people on more than just the surface level.

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