Sunday, April 18, 2010

almost there

I'm not going to do the school year end wrap up just yet, so I'll do a precursor to it.

I have to say that I'm glad I went out of town instead of staying in st. louis and going to Webster. I doubt i would have changed much or had as awesome experiences as I have had.

When I came back over spring break I figured out how much Columbia has become my home. Part of the reason is because I know where everything is in Columbia and I have forgotten where things in St. Louis are. It's the combination of the town and people that makes me love the place.

I don't really want to leave the town for 3 months that I've grown to love. While I love my youth group friends in St. Louis, I love my college friends just as much. There's so many different type of people that I've met and learned to love. I've got the ever reliable campus ministry kids, the fun/crazy/alcohol loving frisbee friends, and the raptor friends who are exactly like me (maybe I'll talk about them in the future). It's hard to imagine that I have to leave all of them for 3 months. Then there's my roommate who I've gotten to know well over the past 8 months and who's shown me a world of stuff I didn't know before. The idea of up and leaving a person that you've gotten to know so well is kind of a sad one.

So basically, I love Columbia and the idea of going back to St. Louis is a very bittersweet one. I want to be a Krew leader really bad and reconnect with those people, but I have to leave 90% of my friends for a 1/4 of a year that I've gotten to know. Yes, I know I'll see them for 9 months at a time for the next few years, but it's sad never the less.

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