Wednesday, May 6, 2009

our generation

It seems that every generation cares about something different. There was the hippie generation the save the whales generation. I believe that the new generation is set on helping Africa. I don't want to call us the save Africa generation because that sounds too cliche. It's my thinking that Invisible Children started the whole thing off by showing us about the war in Uganda. Because of the power of technology and video this generation is able to see beyond our own borders. Maybe I'm wrong but I think that a lot of why we care about Uganda in particular is that they can't speak for themselves. In essence it's the need to help the helpless. Though people complain that technology and how it has "corrupted the minds of the youth" it has also let us see places that we never were able to before. Telling people about an injustice only goes so far in 21st century America. Showing people takes them into the heart of the problem. Middle aged and beyond complain that the younger people are lazy and have no motivation because the internet is at their fingers. Though this might be true, some people of the same technology generation have used technology to help people other than themselves. They have grabbed the attention of internet, cell phone loving kids and made them truly care about a cause that is worth fighting for.

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