Saturday, May 2, 2009

I went to my schools version of prom last night. I say my schools version b/c the school doesn't support dance so it's called JSB (junior senior banquet)...yeah I know. Anyways, it's basically a tribute to the seniors. They had a long slide show with pictures from middle school, sports, and just hanging out with friends. It was kinda fun going down memory lane and seeing what everybody looked like 5 years ago. The last picture was the pic we took after we won spirit week and it was kinda weird seeing pics from seventh grade year up until the end of senior year. I've spent 6 years with a lot of these kids and even though I wasn't really close to a whole lot of them I'm kinda gonna miss us as a class. Ever since spirit week this year the class has gotten a lot closer to each other than we have in years past. It's a shame because I'm just now meeting a lot of nice people that I've been taking classes with for half a decade. What I've learned is that you can tell the freshman class and the seventh grade class to hang out with everybody and enjoy the time they have with each other, but nobody will truly understand until they realize that after all these years they're going to be leaving and probably won't see most of the kids ever again. All of us only have a week left and then the six long years at WCA are done. Even though I'm more than happy to leave and never come back to the school, I'm going to miss hanging out with all my school friends. I'm going to a lot of grad parties knowing that it's probably the last time I'll see a lot of them. So here's to the class of 2009.

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