Saturday, May 16, 2009

the curse of being a techie

A little while ago I realized that being sound person for my (former) high school's band made me not be able to listen to a live band without going crazy. Apparently it happens to everybody who knows stuff about EQing (it's basically making them sound on pitch) and balancing the voices with the instruments. We're constantly thinking: this needs to be louder, more bass drum, his voice sounds muddy turn up his highs and mediums. I was at my senior retreat this weekend and the worship team had 3 singers, two guitars, and a bongo-esque drum. Even though that kind of a set up is very simple and basic and doesn't require very much balancing it does require somebody who knows what they're doing to at least listen to them for their first song and at least somewhat balance and EQ things. They didn't do this they simply put the volume on a certain leval and it stayed there the whole time. It drove me crazy. This is where I rant and talk about things you proabaly won't completely understand so bear with me: the two guy singers were way too loud and the girl's volume wasn't loud enough. One guy sounded muddy and his lows needed to be turned down and the mids up. The other guy sounded tinny and his lows needed turning up. The bongo (which doesn't need a mike) was letting out horrible high feedback that only techies who have been doing it for a while can hear it.
Here's the curse: I simply can't stand there and enjoy the music for what it is. It's not the end of the world but it's a prick in my side enough to annoy me. So when I get to college I'm deffinetly going to be involved in tech theatre, if not minor in it. I absolutely love working backstage as a stagehand/propmaster/set changer person during performances. That's my favorite thing to do and that's why I do theater. But here's part two of my curse. What I consiter second nature with balancing voices and instruments, others do not. I forget that it took a lot of work and a lot of doing stuff wrong to be able to confidently run sound. I know stuff that most people don't and I feel like I should be helping with sound simply because of that knowldege. So even though I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with all black and running around back stage I really don't wanna throw away what I've learned this year.

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