Saturday, December 8, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 6-Snowflakes

A topic which isn't necessarily Christmas, but definitely associated with it: Snowflakes. Even if you don't particularly like snow for various reasons (shoveling, cold, in particular trying to drive in it) you have to admit individual flakes are amazing things. Here's some fun facts you hopefully will enjoy. Much of this info comes from weather And if you're really interested and fascinated, here's an awesome website that I just found all about snowflakes (and it's also where I got these pictures). I would suggest taking a few minutes and perusing

~Snowflakes always have 6 sides
~There's six main categories: plate (flat), column, stars, dendrite (lacy), needle, and capped column
~When temperatures are extremely cold the snow will be very fine and powdery. The flakes are very simple, typically needle or rod shaped.
~ When the temperatures are closer to freezing point, the flakes are larger and much more complex.
~ The world's tallest snowman measured 113.6 feet (34.63 meters).

Column flake

dendrite flake. Possibly the most iconic and beautiful shape

Needle flake

plate flake. Easily in a tie with the dendrite for prettiest, for me at least

Star flake

capped column flake. Award for most bizarre/type that I didn't know existed

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