Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 13- my own Christmas lights

Thought I'd show you guys my Christmas setup this year. Even though they're not spectacular in any way, I'm especially proud of the outdoor lights this year

The house from the street

The blinking lights on the walkway

my favorite part of the display. This year I decided to wrap the posts with 4-5 strands each, it looks infinitely better this way

also a new addition, they're cascading-light icicles.  

The lights cascade alternately, hence why only one is lit up right now. It's not my favorite effect, but the lights themselves are really cool

The first at several attempts to be creative...don't judge me for my lack of camera skills

didn't quite work out all that well

The lights over the peak stink to put up because the roof is fairly steep 

Above the fireplace. It looks pretty cool this year with the red/white lights, fake candles, and ever so classy Walmart bought poinsettia 

The whole fireplace setup. The "C" has two stockings because my brother got married this year, and the white one is for his wife. Then we've got all the pets on the poker set.

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