Friday, December 2, 2011

25 days of christmas: day 2-history of candy canes

I can only assume that you love candy canes as much as I, if not for eating than because they're just really cool. But, where did they come from. They actually have very simple beginnings.

Back in the 17th century Europeans began using Christmas trees, and they decorated them cookies and sugar-stick candy. Back then they were pure white, they didn't receive their red stripes until later. It received it's infamous hook shape in 1670 when a choirmaster in Germany bent the sugar-sticks to look like a shepherd's staff, and he would hand them out to children during nativity services. The stripes came around in 1900 when candy makers started flavoring the candy canes with peppermint and wintergreen, which is what we know and love today. 

they've gotten all fancy and added a lot of colors

who doesn't love mini candy canes?....seriously I don't think I've ever met somebody who doesn't like them

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