Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'The Rebirth' poem

This is a poem I found on a facebook sight devoted to German Shepherds (don't judge) and somebody had written this poem. I take no credit at all for this, I just thought it was really cute. Here's the facebook page if you want to take a look at some of the other poems and pictures of Shepherds

I haven't shared this poem that I wrote in a long is about what happens when WE die and cross over to the other side, to see our beloved dogs again. I thought it would go well with the lovely story of Meredith and her beloved Abbey that I just posted a bit ago...I DO believe all of our pets go to Heaven...dogs, cats, all of them...we will see them again. Please feel free to share to your profiles if you wish. ♥

The Rebirth

I was standing in the middle of a field with all the dogs from my life
as the dewdrops danced gently on the flowers…

As the sun began to rise, to envelope us all,
kissing us with its light, peace slid around us to endower,

The feeling of being one, with nature and beast,
those running pieces of my heart on four paws began to surround me,

Their happy yips of joy, their yodels and cries,
I gazed in sheer amazement and wonder to watch as they ran free….

Look here mom, look at me, see me again so full of glee,
running, twirling so swiftly in a dance,

They were healthy and whole, and no longer sick or old,
their youthly beauty had me quite entranced.

They all focused on my wet eyes to see if I looked,
saying “watch me as I show off for you”…

And it was like days of old as I threw that stick high,
and my laughter would sound as they flew…

Across those verdant pastures we traveled as one,
to see them all together for the first time was bliss.

I savored each second of companionship I’d lost, my heart was mending,
For in an instant I had regained all those I had missed.

Next we saw a sparkling lake of azure blue…
with a mountain nearby where we heard the cry of an eagle..

Swooping and soaring, patrolling his avian kingdom,
an unfurling of wings that was almost unbearably regal.

There were creatures of every single shape and size,
each one of God’s creations was happily represented,

They lived together, no sadness, no fear, and no hunger,
in peace and harmony forever extended.

I roared with laughter as my furkids ushered me to the area
where there were angels stationed,

For their one single purpose (and they did it with love)
was to play fetch with the dogs of this heavenly nation.

For God had provided perfection for all His beloved creatures from earth,
He’d promised the faithful and true an afterlife extending.

This heavenly existence, this peaceful paradise, for each and every beast,
included happiness that was never ending.

When they left us on earth, we weren’t completely alone,
for they would leave behind a piece of their loyal heart that is true.

And they would take with them a piece of ours
as a payment for a lifetime of love given as their due.

Our dearest friends were provided for,
as they waited for the completion of their hearts again.

For although they may wait for us for days, months, even years to be reunited,
they wait because Man is a Dog’s Best Friend.

This exchange of love when their old lives were fading,
Once broken hearts are even now beginning to perfectly mend,

For now we are together, our hearts are complete,
to spend eternity in Paradise with our dearest friends.

© Cheryl Goede, 2011

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