Friday, October 21, 2011

13 days of halloween: day 3-trick or treating stats

I'm sure you guys, like myself, have always been at least somewhat curious as to some of the stats that are associated with trick-or-treating.
41 million trick or treaters from age 5-14. Keep in mind this isn't counting kids both older and younger, so that's a whole lot of kids

$ 2 billion spent on Halloween candy in 2009
           The three most popular candies being: • Candy Corn
                                                                                                • Mini Snickers
                                                                                                • Mini 3 Musketeers

1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are grown and sold in the US every year

Coolest halloween town names:  Transylvania Country, N.C   
                                                           Cape Fear
                                                           Tombstone, Arizona
                                                            Pumpkin Bend, Arkansas
                                                           Skull Creek, Nebraska

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