Thursday, February 10, 2011

religious psych 101

Today in psychology we were talking about the brain and what parts control what functions. It's very interesting to see how the brain is wired. I was enjoying the class until the teacher said something along the lines of: Emotions just get in the way of mating (because he was talking about the hindbrain which controls basic instincts) and make everything with mating much more unnecessarily complicated. Everything in my religious brain disagreed with that.

Emotions in that context are what make humans different and more special than the animals. If there were no emotions there, then what would that say about God. He made us purposefully to have emotions in relationships, unlike everything else on the planet. I would argue with the teacher by saying that emotions are what make romantic relationships special and are completely necessary.

God created people for relationships with other people. Human relationships differ from animal relationships in that animal relationships are purely instinctual and survival based. Human relationships are based on emotions and companionship, not just instincts. There's a reason why people feel guilty about cheating on their significant other and animals don't. The "walk of shame" only exists in the human culture because God created complex emotions towards that part of life on purpose.

It's suppose to be "complicated" and filled with emotion. And by complicated I mean, we have complex emotions about it. God made that as a special thing to people. If there weren't emotions then kids wouldn't grow up with parents and a good family and everybody would be extremely emotionally messed up (more than now). I guess my basic message is that there's a reason why humans have emotions in romance and it's a good thing. It proves that God made us with more care and for a more special role than any other creature.

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