Thursday, February 3, 2011


I read Captivating this summer and really liked it. So I told some of my RUF friends about it when the school year started up again. It turns out a few of them had already read it, and some others had always wanted to read it. As a result I gave my copy to a friend who is currently reading it, bought a copy for another friend for Christmas. And another friend's sister gave it to her for Christmas. So the book is really making it's rounds around the RUF Mizzou girls.

It's funny how even though a lot of people these days don't read or just don't like to read, they'll read Captivating. I think it's because word of mouth is the best way to promote something. And that book has good reviews from anybody who's read it, so that makes others want to see why everybody likes it so much.

Granted there were a few parts I didn't agree with, but for the most part it gives a lot of great advice and answers for why women and men are the way that they are

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