Friday, December 17, 2010

25 days of christmas: day 17-the nativity story

The whole "reason for the season" right here. We picture the little, baby Jesus peacefully lying in the manger with his parents leaning over him. The shepherds and maji circled around a few feet away.

We all know that every little detail of this isn't true. So here's a few details that our nativity sets on the table top leave out.

1. Jesus was probably born in the fall, not the winter
2. There was no room at the inn because in the autumn the jews would travel to Jerusalem to observe God's Holy Days (this still goes on today)
3. Jesus was about 2 years old when the wise men saw him
4. Jesus wasn't necessarily born in a stable, the Bible only says he was laid in a manger (which if you ask me probably means he was born in a stable)

I know, a few of these are kind of a buzz kill. I found them on here and here. I left out some of the ones that seem like theories and not based on historical evidence....Sorry if this was kind of a downer it wasn't initially meant to be.

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